1. Acquisition Management

    Demonstrate understanding of Acquisition Management in the public sector Learn More
  2. An Introduction to Supply Chain Management


    Specialised Workshop

    This skills programme will enable the learner to achieve a good understanding of the elements and concepts of supply chain management (SCM), the applicable legislation and the role players involved. Learn More
  3. Annual Performance Plans (APPs)


    Specialised Workshop

    This specialised workshop is designed to capacitate public servants with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement practical, workable Annual Performance Plans that are linked with the organisation’s overall strategic plan and appropriately funded in the budget.
    The workshop will firstly embed the ‘WHAT’ of APPs and then focus extensively on the practical ‘HOW’ thereof. Learn More
  4. Assessor Programme


    Unit Standard Aligned | Accredited

    This skills programme provides the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to conduct outcomes-based assessments. Learn More
  5. Asset Management

    This skills programme enables the learner to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for managing asset maintenance in the public sector and ensuring asset management is aligned to the organisational strategy. Learn More