Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory and finished goods; from point of origin to point of consumption. A large set of activities forms part of supply chain management. Each of these seemingly diverse activities has one important feature in common; they are all part of an integrated network that will define how efficiently and effectively goods and information flow across the supply chain of an organisation.

The focus of supply chain management in recent years has shifted towards the alignment, coordination, synchronisation and integration of the supply chain management activities to enable excellence in service delivery. Supply chain management draws heavily from areas of operations management, logistics, procurement and information technology.

Pro-Active College offers accredited skills programmes for all officials permanently involved in supply chain management requiring in-depth knowledge of this function.

Pro-Active College also offers training for officials that are not supply chain management practitioners. They will benefit from acquiring a better understanding of the supply chain function. Such officials include:

  • end users;
  • Cost Centre Clerks (Chief User Clerks);
  • Cost Centre Managers (Chief Users, Programme Managers, etc); and
  • Asset Controllers (Inventory Controllers).

  1. Acquisition Management

    Demonstrate understanding of Acquisition Management in the public sector Learn More
  2. An Introduction to Supply Chain Management


    Specialised Workshop

    This skills programme will enable the learner to achieve a good understanding of the elements and concepts of supply chain management (SCM), the applicable legislation and the role players involved. Learn More
  3. Asset Management

    This skills programme enables the learner to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for managing asset maintenance in the public sector and ensuring asset management is aligned to the organisational strategy. Learn More
  4. Asset Management for Cost Centres and Asset Controllers

    This skills programme provides the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to manage assets effectively. These competencies could translate into better use of resources and improved service delivery.
    This skills programme has been designed and developed by Pro-Active College for the public sector. Learn More
  5. Bid Committees in the Public Sector


    Unit Standard Aligned | Accredited

    This skills programme is intended for learners in the public sector and organs of state who serve on Bid Specification, Evaluation or Adjudication Committees as part of a bid process. Learn More