Professional Services


Our experienced workforce can consult with clients on effective training solutions, unique material development needs and operational efficiencies. With experts in the fields of supply chain management, public finance, management development, administration, information technology, local government, occupationally directed education, training and development practices and early childhood development, we offer solutions to develop suitable learning interventions for maximum impact and assist in implementing change within client organisations.

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Research and Material Development

Our research and material development function has three key areas of focus:

Maintaining and Updating Current Learning Material

Change is the only constant and, as such, should be closely monitored to determine potential impact. Our material developers continually undertake research within their respective fields to identify regulatory and other changes and their academic and practical implications. Accordingly, our current learner material is kept up to date and relevant.

Developing New Learning Material

We actively identify areas where we believe we can make a difference by equipping the right people with the right knowledge. We undertake research in these areas, indentify appropriate unit standards and develop learning material to support effective learning interventions.

Tailoring Learning Material to the Specific Needs of Clients

As each organisation is unique with its own policies and procedures, a tailored learning intervention may result in learners more successfully translating acquired knowledge into practical performance enhancements. Oftentimes following consultation, Pro-Active College is willing to customise any of its learning material to meet the needs of clients.


We offer cost effective printing and binding solutions that is of high quality and with a fast turnaround time. Whether you require black and white or full colour photo copies; punched printed pages; or glue-bound, ring bound and stapled documents, we will assist you. Simply provide us with your print-ready digital files and we will get the job done.

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Training Provider Support

Pro-Active College endeavours to support other training providers in an attempt to uplift the overall quality of education, training and development practices in South Africa and the greater Africa. With its range of professional learning services and learning material, Pro-Active College facilitates other training providers to achieve optimised learning interventions through effective, efficient and economical means.


Sorely overlooked at times, administration is an important element of any effective training intervention. Supported by proficient staff and professional technology, our administration services will ensure effective management of learner registrations, learner information and the assessment process.

→ Learner Registration Administration

The SETA’s have strict requirements regarding the collection of specific learner information. Complying with these requirements can at times be frustrating and time consuming. Pro-Active College has a well developed registration process supported by a secure Learner Management System to collect, capture and report on learner information.

→ Learner Assessment Administration

Upon receipt of Portfolio’s of Evidence, the assessment process should be effectively administered to ensure swift turnaround time of results, no accidental loss of documentation and effective communication with assessors and learners alike.

At Pro-Active College we allocate a unique barcode to each portfolio received and thus we are able to trace portfolios through the entire assessment process. Learners are notified of progress and results telephonically and via SMS and email. Where the course is unit standard aligned and accredited, learners will also be uploaded to the National Learners’ Records Database after successful SETA verification.


Make use of our qualified and exceptional facilitators to present your next course. In addition to being educated and experienced in their respective fields of expertise, our facilitators also have training in education, training and development practices and are passionate about learning.


Our qualified assessors are accredited with various SETA’s and can professionally conduct assessments in the fields of supply chain management, financial management, management development, secretarial and office administration, ETDP and information technology. Dependent on the assessment result, guidance is provided to the learner in the form of helpful and relevant feedback.


Beyond being a SETA requirement, moderation serves as a powerful quality assurance and improvement tool. Our moderation services are executed by qualified and accredited moderators and aim to review assessment results and processes: providing guidance to assessors for growth and enhanced performance and providing feedback to training providers on how assessment processes can be improved.


Recognition of successful completion of a course is recognised by providing the learner with a formal certificate of competence. Pro-Active College can assist in the professional printing of certificates.

Learning Material

Developing learning material is a lengthy and frustrating process. And inability to maintain and update learning material results in sub-standard and possibly irrelevant training interventions. Pro-Active College offers training providers the opportunity to outsource the acquisition of learning materials and thus be assured of professional quality products.

We offer a range of learning material that is unit standard aligned within the National Qualifications Framework. Our material is purchased as glue bound books, of which the front cover may be customised as per the clients’ requirements. The exception is the PowerPoint presentation which will be provided on a CD; its first slide may also be customised. Pro-Active College retains all copyright of the learning material and is responsible for maintaining and updating the content to ensure relevancy and completeness.

Products available for purchase include:

→ Learner Manuals

For the learner – a textbook providing academic and practical instruction to learners.

→ Portfolios of Evidence

For the learner – a workbook with all formative and summative assessment activities that a learner must successfully complete to prove competency of relevant unit standards.

→ Notebooks

For the learner – a simple lined notebook in which to jot down important instructions and comments.

→ Facilitator Guides

For the facilitator – providing guidance and assistance on how to successfully present the relevant course.

→ PowerPoint Presentations

For the facilitator – a presentation guiding the facilitator throughout thFFF duration of the course and providing visual stimulation to learners.

→ Assessment Guides

For the assessor and moderator – providing guidance and assistance on how to evaluate formative and summative assessments.