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Attention all National and Provincial Government Departments

Non-financial managers, line managers, responsibility managers, budget holders and financial practitioners

Financial Management Workshop


Practical approach to:

  • Legislative principles guiding financial management

A concise and practical review of legislative norms and standards, including the Constitution, Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Regulations, Appropriation Act, Division of Revenue Act and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act.

  • Budget and planning cycles and processes

Discuss the main role-players and processes to formulate a new budget, one year before the budget is implemented. A brief overview of the steps that are followed with budget approval (passing of an Appropriation Act) by Parliament or provincial legislatures, after the start of the financial year. The relationship between the budget and other plans (e.g. strategic plan and annual performance plan) are also discussed.

  • Financial management duties performed during a financial year 

Focussing on financial management duties that are performed from the start to the end of the financial year. Specific focus is provided on the most important financial management duties of non-financial managers, for example, acquisitions and payments for goods and services, receipts for certain services provided, reporting, risk management, internal controls, internal audit and external audit.

  • Accountability, including financial year-end, annual financial statements and annual report

An overview of the accountability process in the public sector, with specific focus on the importance of annual financial statements, annual reports and audit reports.


Date: 7 March 2019

Venue: Hatfield, Pretoria

Time: 08:00 – 16:00

Price: R3800 per person

Attendance Certificate

Facilitator: Jacques Pienaar worked for National Treasury and has 24 years’ experience
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