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Making Positive Choices - A Motivational Guide For Success ebook



A Motivational Guide For Success ebook

Authors: SM Madue KR Makole

This book is aimed at those who want to add value to their lives by maximizing their potential.


One of the most challenging questions asked at the beginning of adulthood is – what do you want to do? The other popular question is – what career path do you envisage to take? Giving positive answers to these questions can be a daunting task since there are too many op¬tions to choose from. Chances are that your answers will change many times as you are pondering the most suitable choice.

While some people are lucky enough to know what they want to do and end up in satisfying careers without giving it much thought, most of the people are not. This book is set out to offer young peo¬ple some guidelines for making pos¬itive choices. The book is intended for people who are committed to turning the tide against poverty and ignorance by acquiring knowledge and life skills to inform their choices.

This motivational guide address the following topics:

• Introduction: Embarking on a successful journey

• Facing leadership challenges: Ready, steady, go!

• Discovering your purpose: Born to prosper

• Having what it takes to become whatever you want to become

• Listening well, marketing yourself well

• Personal marketing and strategy

• Preparing for a successful career

• Personal business plan

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Subtitle A Motivational Guide For Success ebook
Author SM Madue KR Makole
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