Company Profile:

Pro-Active Public Services College (Pty) Ltd

Founded: January 1999

B-BBEE Status: Level 2


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Brief History

Pro-Active Public Services College (Pty) Ltd was founded by Hettie Mostert in January 1999 to address the need for financial skills development in the public sector. Pro-Active Public Services College was the first educational institution to receive full accreditation from the Public Sector Education and Training Authority (PSETA) in South Africa.


To be an accredited international educational institution of excellence, integrity and innovation.


Improving the knowledge and skill sets of the African workforce to facilitate economic development and growth by making high quality, flexible and effective competency-based education and training accessible through ongoing research and development.

Core Business

Pro-Active Public Services College offers training solutions that cover full qualifications as well as focused individual skills programmes. The solutions are facilitated as scheduled courses or tailored for clients' in-house needs.

Pro-Active Public Services College further offers consultation on effective training solutions, material development and operational efficiencies that will optimise workplace performance.

Core Values

Reliability:  Keeping our promises by doing what we say we will.

Integrity:  Being open and honest in our dealings at all times.

Customer focus:  Striving to understand our clients, their organisations and their needs and utilising this knowledge to tailor services and products to ensure client satisfaction.

Empowerment:  Sharing knowledge with clients, learners and personnel to empower them and to create their own freedom.

Respect:  Respecting all those we have dealings with.

Fairness:  Operating without prejudice and treating all people equally without discrimination.

Excellence:  Striving for excellence and quality in all we do.

Partnership:  Forging partnerships with suppliers, clients, accrediting bodies, training providers and learners alike to develop optimised solutions.


Shareholders Percentage Ownership
Ms HS Mostert 49%
Ms BA Mkhize 10%
Pro-Active Empowerment Trust 41%

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Pro-Active Public Services College (Pty) Ltd is a level 2 contributor to B-BBEE. View Sworn Affidavit

Professional Associations

Pro-Active Public Services College boasts partnership agreements with Higher Education Institutions, Further Education and Training Institutions as well as Government to ensure that the needs addressed will sustain the credibility and relevance of its education and training programmes.

Pro-Active Public Services College (Pty) Ltd mainly focuses on providing fit-for-purpose education and training to the public sector. A good relationship is fostered with PSETA to ensure that our focus is in line with the needs of the public sector. Pro-Active Public Services College has been recognised by PSETA as an Institute of Sectoral and/or Occupational Excellence (ISOE).

Furthermore, Pro-Active Public Services College is a founding member of ASSADPAM (Association of Southern African Schools and Departments in Public Management and Administration).

Approach to Service Delivery

Pro-Active Public Services College's approach to service delivery is encapsulated in the following concepts:

Batho Pele – People First
Consultation: we endeavour to understand our client's needs in order to recommend suitable solutions
Service Standards: we strive for excellence
Access: we strive to make our services available to people from all backgrounds and all levels of employment
Courtesy: we care for our clients and treat them with courtesy and consideration
Information: we will keep our clients informed
Openness and Transparency: what you see is what you get
Redress: we are flexible and respond maturely to client complaints
Value for money: we strive to provide efficient, effective and economical solutions

We do not train learners just for the sake of training; rather, we offer empowerment through education, training and development solutions designed to capacitate our clients and help them achieve success.

Your success is our success. We believe in freedom through knowledge.


PSETA Full Accreditation: P21/0708/GP01
Department of Higher Education and Training Registered Private College: 2017/FE07/003 (expires 31 December 2023)
UMALUSI (Council of Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training) Provisional Accreditation: 17 FET02 00085 PA
PSETA ISOE (Institute of Sectoral and/or Occupational Excellence)
ICDL Approved Training and Testing Centre
Treasury Validation
Services SETA Programme Approval
ETDP SETA Programme Approval
MerSETA Programme Approval
SACE Approved Provider: PR12126