Government Budgeting including SCoA

Learning Unit 1: Interpret Budgets within a Specific Sector
Learning Unit 2: Evaluate Budget Formats and Approaches to Budgeting
Learning Unit 3: Manage Data for Preparing a Budget
Learning Unit 4: Estimate Budget Using Prescribed Formats
Learning Unit 5: Prepare Motivation for Budgetary Requests
Learning Unit 6: Prepare Budget Based on Approved Amounts

Who should Attend ?

This skills programme is designed for the public sector and is aimed at:
• individuals who are involved, or will be involved, in the budgeting process;
• practitioners in a range of government departments and public sector institutions at national and provincial level;
• decision makers and advisors as well as senior managers and operational managers required to implement budgeting and financial management systems; and
• department and organisation managers.

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of this skills programme include:
• the ability to effectively apply government budgeting procedures and techniques;
• understanding of the detailed government budget cycle;
• exposure to the different National Treasury guidelines for budgeting;
• insight into the different budget formats and costing methodologies applied in government; and
• the ability to apply the SCoA for the classification of budget information.


Four day contact session combined with practical workplace experience.

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Aligned Unit Standards

UnitIDTitleNQF LevelCredits
120302Prepare budgets for a specific sector615
Scheduled Venues and Dates

Gauteng 15 Feb 21-18 Feb 21
03 May 21-06 May 21
10 Aug 21-13 Aug 21
22 Nov 21-25 Nov 21
01 Feb 22-04 Feb 22
11 Apr 22-14 Apr 22
04 Jul 22-07 Jul 22
21 Nov 22-24 Nov 22
Online 15 Feb 21-18 Feb 21
03 May 21-06 May 21
10 Aug 21-13 Aug 21
22 Nov 21-25 Nov 21
Entry Requirements

The credit calculation in the relevant unit standard is based on the assumption that learners are competent in:
•communication (NQF level 5).
It is recommended that learners are competent in:
• accountancy (NQF level 4); and
• economics (NQF level 4).