Managing Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD) in the School Environment

• The History of AD/HD
• Statistics
• Possible Causes
• Making the Diagnosis
• Signs and Symptoms of AD/HD
• Therapies Available
• Managing AD/HD in the School Environment

Who should Attend ?

This CPTD activity is targeted at:
• educators working in the day care and school environment (with 0-10 year old children) where they have to provide support for children experiencing symptoms of AD/HD within an inclusive education system.

What are the benefits ?

This is a SACE endorsed CPTD activity which will provide learners with information about:
• the signs and symptoms of AD/HD;
• possible causes of AD/HD;
• the impact of AD/HD on a child’s life and performance;
• helping and supporting children with symptoms of AD/HD; and
• guiding the parents of these children in matters relating to behaviour management and how to support children during learning activities.


One day contact session.

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Scheduled Venues and Dates

Online 05 Feb 21-05 Feb 21
13 Aug 21-13 Aug 21
Entry Requirements

It is assumed that learners accessing this CPTD activity are competent in:
•communication at NQF Level 3.