Helping the Under-Achieving Child

• The Components of Normal Child Development
• Identifying the Underachieving Child
• Possible Causes for Learning Problems
• Identifying and Interpreting Complications During Child Development and During the Learning Process
• Helping the Underachieving Child in the School Environment

This CPTD activity is supported by the book Enhancing Your Child’s Development: A Guide for Teachers, Therapists and Parents as written by Sonja Witthaus (Occupational Therapist) and published by Pro-Active Publishing.

Who should Attend ?

This CPTD activity is targeted at
• educators working in the day care and school environment (with 0-10 year old children) where they have to provide support for children experiencing developmental or learning difficulties within an inclusive education system.

What are the benefits ?

This is a SACE endorsed CPTD activity which will provide learners with information about:
• the elements of normal child development;
• how to recognise a child with developmental or learning problems;
• referring a child to the appropriate health professional; and
• how to interpret problems with relation to child development and learning.

This CPTD activity will provide the educator with practical ideas for the classroom which will aid and support these children and may in some cases even help some children to overcome their difficulties.


Two day contact session.

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Scheduled Venues and Dates

Online 03 Dec 20-04 Dec 20
18 Feb 21-19 Feb 21
11 Oct 21-12 Oct 21
Entry Requirements

It is assumed that learners accessing this CPTD activity are competent in:
•communication at NQF level 3.