An Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Learning Unit 1: Identifying the Elements and Concepts of SCM, also Looking at Corporate Governance, SCM Related Policies, the Link to the Budget as well as the Batho Pele Principles
Learning Unit 2: Legislation Applicable to the SCM Environment as a Whole
Learning Unit 3: The Principles of SCM, the Influence of Role Players on SCM, the Importance of Ethical Standards and the Role of Electronic Systems in SCM

Who should Attend ?

This skills programme is designed for the public sector and is aimed at:
• individuals who will be involved in supply chain management;
• all departments and organisations within an integrated supply chain management system;
• national and provincial government departments; and
• public entities which reside under national and provincial government departments.

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of this specialised workshop include:
•gaining an understanding of the elements and concepts of supply chain management;
• improved accountability with respect to supply chain management;
• compliance with legislation, regulations and guidelines relating to supply chain management;
• improved ability to achieve organisational objectives; and
• enhanced application of Batho Pele principles and ethical standards in supply chain management.


Two day contact session.

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Scheduled Venues and Dates

Gauteng 04 Feb 21-05 Feb 21
14 Jun 21-15 Jun 21
11 Nov 21-12 Nov 21
17 Dec 20-18 Dec 20
Entry Requirements

It is assumed that learners accessing this skills programme are competent in:
•communication (NQF level 3).