Disability Management in the Workplace

Day One: General awareness, general sensitisation, groups of disabilities, factors influencing the wellbeing of persons with disabilities and your role in the empowerment of persons with disabilities
Day Two: Create an enabling environment, assist Human Resources Division in creating an accommodating environment, the fundamentals of a Disability Management Programme and the HOW of disability management
Day Three: Draft an enabling policy on disability, policy on assistive devices, know the legislative framework, devoteeism in the workplace, emergency evacuations and disability and service animals in the workplace

Who should Attend ?

This specialised workshop is designed for the public and private sector and is aimed at:
• employers;
• department and organisation managers; and
• human resource officials and practitioners.

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of this specialised workshop include:
• a clear understanding of disability and the potential impact on an organisation;
• the knowledge and skills to develop and implement a diversity management programme and related policies; and
• improved productivity of workforce, for when organisations value employee diversity (whether cultural or physical) and offer job security, it enhances employee morale.


Three day contact session.

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Scheduled Venues and Dates

Gauteng 10 Aug 21-12 Aug 21
Entry Requirements

It is assumed that learners accessing this specialised workshop are competent in:
•communication (NQF level 4).