COVID-19 Employee Awareness

Topics Covered

•Structure of the Act
•Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations
•Definitions - What Do All These Things Mean?
•Overview of Recent Pandemics
•Deaths with/from COVID-19
•What Do We Know About Coronaviruses?
•COVID-19 Transmitters and Receivers
•How Does the COVID-19 Virus Spread?
•Think about… How You “Social Distance”
•How Long Does COVID-19 Survive OnSurfaces?
•Common Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19
•Should I be Tested for COVID-19?
•Risk Factors and Severity
•Assessing and Mitigating the Riskzoom
•Who May Die of/with COVID-19?
•Treatment and Vaccine
•Cleaning and Disinfecting
•Hand Washing to Destroy COVID-19
•Ways to Prevent COVID-19 Infection
•What PPE is Available for COVID-19?
•Everything you need to know about using a mask.
• (From making your own mask, types, cleaning, wearing and disposing)
•Prepare your Home for COVID-19
•Is your home an OH&S Act workplace?
•Update your Health & Safety Management System &Training content
•Prepare your Workplace for COVID-19 & SymptomaticEmployees
•Reporting & Investigating
•Strategies to Counter Stigmatization
•FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
•Reporting Fake News
•Questions & Answer session

Who should Attend ?

This skills programme is designed for the public and private sector and is aimed at all individuals

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of this skills programme include:
• Being able to demonstrate knowledge and application of covid-19 prevention, protection and preparedness measures.


One Day Contact Session

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Scheduled Venues and Dates

Online 15 Jun 20-15 Jun 20
Entry Requirements

No Entry Requirements