Assessor Programme (Design, Develop and Conduct Assessments)

Learning Unit 1: Outcomes-Based Assessment
Learning Unit 2: Prepare for Assessments
Learning Unit 3: Conduct Assessments and Document Evidence
Learning Unit 4: Provide Feedback on Assessments
Learning Unit 5: Review Assessments
Learning Unit 6: Assessment Design Principles
Learning Unit 7: Design Outcomes-Based Assessments
Learning Unit 8: Develop Assessment Activities and Guides
Learning Unit 9: Evaluate Assessment Designs and Guides

Who should Attend ?

This skills programme is designed for the public and private sector and is aimed at:
• individuals assessing the competence of others according to specified criteria and predesigned instruments; and
• individuals interested in designing and developing assessments which are consistent, effective, reliable and objective.

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of this skills programme include:
• the ability to register as an assessor;
• compliance with assessment principles; and
• being able to design and develop assessment instruments.


Four day contact session combined with practical workplace experience.

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Aligned Unit Standards

UnitIDTitleNQF LevelCredits
115755Design & Develop outcomes - based assessments510
115753Conduct outcomes-based assessment515
Entry Requirements

The credit calculation in the relevant unit standards is based on the assumptions that learners:
•are competent in the relevant field in which they are designing assessments or have access to subject matter experts;
• are able to analyse and interpret the relevant outcomes (or standards); and
• have no previous assessment experience.